Our associative commitment

Since I was little, I have been taught sharing, and associative support.

This involves helping others with simple things like work, homework, or even supporting an association or a cause.

We particularly want to support independent associations, those which are supported by a team of hard-working volunteers, and who live through the donations they receive.

The first association that we decided to support went by itself since it was thanks to her that Nikka came into my life, and transformed it (every dog mom and dog dad knows what I mean 😉) .

This association is SOLICANINYou can find their presentation in our tab "La Gräfin is committed".

But how does our support work?

On all sales, whatever the margin, we retain € 2 which will be donated to each association. Every end of the month, we donate this contribution by bank transfer, whatever the final amount and if we can we make one-off donations.

We are considering ways to develop our support in line with the development of La Gräfin.

Can you send us the contact details of associations to support?

Sure !

Our community is also there to help us discover new causes, brands, to ask questions!

We listen to any cause or association that we could help support. Just send us their contact details, and we'll see if the association matches the values we want to support, but also the characteristics of those we want to help.

Do you want to suggest a cause to us, without knowing any particular associations? Tell us and we'll do our research to find the gem we support.

These causes and associations can be French or even international. We had set up a contribution during the fires in Australia because this cause was close to our hearts even though it was on the other side of the world.

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