Pourquoi des chapeaux en "paille" chez La Gräfin Paris?

Pourquoi des chapeaux en "paille" chez La Gräfin Paris?

For at least a year now, Nadia, the director of our workshop Madel Cuir, has been working to promote the know-how of the women artisans in her region in the manufacture of products made from woven palm leaves.

At least 6 months ago, we started to discuss what we could put in place, by combining this know-how with an eco-responsible will by reusing leather scraps that are too small to be used for our bags.

Nadia started her project "Golden Hands by Madel Cuir" and came back to us with the idea of a hat typical of the Gabès region, the Mdhalla. As summer approaches, we found it to be a great idea, which would match our summer bags perfectly.

And what is that know-how? A hat is simple to make...
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