Tell us about your bag... Julie

Who are you?

Julie, a young management student passionate about aesthetics, fashion, travel, music and dance and above all passionate about positivism 

What is your ultimate dream? Your goal?

An ultimate dream ?! That of traveling to never end without knowing where to start when I tell my journeys. For me, this is the greatest wealth anyone can have. 

My goal, I would say that being satisfied in what I do on a daily basis and fulfilled in my life are essential for me. And that, always with positivism, whether you fail or not, you have to know how to raise your head and keep moving forward. 

What did you like about La Gräfin Paris?

I really like the colorful and refined touch of the collections. Not really used to wearing color, La Gräfin "converted" me to colors by adding a subtle and colorful touch to my rather sober outfits. 

Why did you choose this bag?

It is for me the most practical and the most beautiful at the same time. Being the type to fill my bags well (sometimes too much for lack of bag capacity hahah) with this one there is no question of running out of space. This is THE bag that holds you for a day's work that you can then go out with in the evening. 

Show us what's in it?

Many things !

A Dior Gloss

A makeup kit


A book

A brush


My earphones

Sometimes even a change if it comes to going out at night! 

An anecdote about your bag?

I really care about this bag and for that I grant it an outing privilege. It's not my h24 for fear of blaming me if I damage it. Regardless, all this to tell you that it works every time I take it. Sometimes I get stopped in the street to find out where this beautiful bag came from.  

To know a little more about you ...

The La Gräfin woman according to you?A woman full of ambition, elegant, distinguished and full of joie de vivre. 

Your idol? Brigitte Bardot and Audrey Hepburn 

Your favorite quote? "Live as if you were to die tomorrow "and" Learn as if you were to live forever "

Your favorite music? Right now it's Leave The Door Open by Bruno Mars 

Your favorite film? Get out 

Your favorite look? A patterned dress with heels and a small bag, to finish with a pair of Chanel sunglasses

Your guilty pleasure? Watching reality TV to clear my mind .. At least there is no need to think, right ?! 

Your favorite places? The United States more than anything, but Paris, Thailand and London are in my heart too. 

You never go out without ...? My phone unfortunately 

The final word? I can't wait to see the official launch of the new La Gräfin collection. On a whim I can very well fall for one of the wonders that Charlotte creates once again. 

The new La Gräfin collection has been available since May 4th.

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