Tell us about your bag... Laura

Who are you?

My name is Laura, I'm 23, an active woman with a dreamy side who loves new things.

What is your ultimate dream? Your goal?

My ultimate dream would be to make a living from my passion!

What did you like about La Gräfin Paris?

The style that cannot be found anywhere, the quality materials, the incredible finish, the always practical side and for all that ... the price!

Why did you choose this bag?

It has a very pronounced artistic side, is very couture and its colors are easy to associate. It is very practical because it is very large! There are storage pockets inside. The best part is that it has a zip to close in addition to the snaps! Very secure for rain and on the street. 

Show us what's inside?

My card holder

My perfume

My sunglasses

My lip balm

My lipstick

Hydroalcoholic gel


My car keys

An anecdote about your bag?

I also adopted the Nikka collection from La Gräfin for my dog Pita, collar + cognac leash. As soon as I carry this bag we match :)

To know a little more about you ...

The La Gräfin woman according to you? The La Gräfin woman is daring with colors, has the zest for life and loves fashion!

Your idol? Emma Watson: feminist, dynamic, active, inspiring, involved in many causes. Being a fan of the Harry Potter saga in addition I could only choose it.

Your favorite quote? "There are no problems, only solutions"

Your favorite music? Oceans Away - ARIZONA 

Your favorite film? I have plenty ... hard to choose! But I would say the latest: “Tomorrow belongs to us” with Omar Sy, very moving.

Your favorite look? Simple dress, ankle boots, pea coat ... and my La Gräfin bag!

Your guilty pleasure? Teen series

Your favorite places? The Tarn gorges, the ocher trail, Clécy :)

You never go out without ...? Handbag and lip balm!

The final word?

Dare to La Gräfin :)

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