La Gräfin commits

The choice of the workshop was made according to several important criteria to meet the values of La Gräfin.

  • A workshop respectful of its craftsmen

  • A workshop that listens to its customer and is a source of proposals to offer the best product to La Gräfin customers

  • Quality raw materials

  • High-end work

Madel Leather was the one who best met these criteria ...
Created and managed by Nadia Essid, it is respectful as much of its craftsmen as of its customers. Listening to feedback from prototypes, this allows us to offer you very good quality leather goods.

The choice of the workshop was also made according to its location.

We wanted to combine our desire to reduce our carbon footprint by reducing exchanges between the workshop and suppliers, with a desire to work with tanneries with recognized expertise.

Tunisian know-how in leather has been known for decades, and used by the biggest international fashion brands. This is why Madel Cuir is commissioned to source and select the leathers on site according to the samples present in the office, in order to guarantee the best quality of leather.

The metal elements are chosen either on site by Madel Leather or from our supplier in France who ships them directly to the workshop.

La Gräfin's strongest commitments are reflected in its values.
  • Be proud to be unique, different .....
  • Respect others with their distinctions, and their originality ...
  • Support each other because together we are stronger! !

Through our creations we wish to instill a desire to stand out, to assume who we are, in a society that still promotes compliance.

We are delighted to see so many different women wearing our creations, and sharing our values while spreading them to their entourage and their community.

The La Gräfin team is very sensitive to several causes, and wants to help help one or more associations.).

For each product sold 2 euros will be donated to each association

A link allows you to find out if you want to make your contribution.

Solicanin is a non-profit association which takes care of dogs, cats, rodents, birds, ....
It is only made up of volunteers who take care of abandoned animals found in the street to find them a foster family for adoption.
Each adoption is prepared in advance so that the family and the future adoptee become a united family. Educators are among the volunteers to help one of the collected is less fearful, stressed, ...

Why Solicanin in particular?
It was by chance that Charlotte found Solicanin while trying to adopt her dog. Whether it is a small structure, animals in foster care, and a listening and welcoming team guided the final choice. Like many Solicanin adopters, it was a perfect match with a smooth adaptation.

To learn more about their actions:

To make a donation:click here

We want to take part in causes that are close to our heart, through associations for which we have verified the real destination of your donations.
Do not hesitate to tell us about causes that you support and for which you would like us to make our contribution.